Saturday, December 08, 2012

When The Real Me Talking About LOVE

Assalamualaikum semua..~~

Today is the day nak cakap pasal CINTA..haha..xtau la knape ttbe rasa nak cakap pasal benda ni..mungkin da jumpa ngan org y sepatutnye kot(mr.right sy)

The days pass through the hapiness and of course the sadness too..but im trying to be fit in as long as i could face it well..da xde masa nk nangis psl lelaki yg xsepatutnye air mata ni kua untuk dirinye so i decide to fill my heart with the perfect one..perfect ke xperfect we just wait and see..

Org kate pengalaman tu sgt mengajar kita tentang kehidupan sebenar..and that is true..ABSOLUTELY!!!now im realize that everybody has their own style to interpret what love is about..

During the day im here and know someone better than the other,it such a big respon to my heart actually..the one that i know here is such a different person..i prefer to not explain abou this till the time comes..

Im happy with my life now and even before this and i hope till the end of my life..i do not expect more from the guy but it is pretty enough for me to be loved by the right person..

He try to make me happy all the time and fulfill whatever that i want..he treats me well and i hope he doesnt regret at all..
Till the time comes and soon i will proceed to the next..see you soon dude!!
p/s : im starting to love him and i hope the love manage to be everlasting..<3